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About Headspace Adventures

Headspace Adventures is an adventure therapy programme for teenagers. Co-founded by Sinéad Pollock-Orr (Adventure Leader) and Dr David Coleman (Clinical Psychologist), it is designed to get teenagers to think better, feel better and act better in all areas of their lives. Things, for them, might feel stuck, or they might be experiencing anxiety or poor self-confidence. Headspace Adventures can help.

Over the course of a week, where they’ll live in the wilds of the Atlantic coast of Ireland, and experience real adventure, like coasteering, abseiling, kayaking and an overnight expedition, David and Sinéad intend to challenge them to reach to their limits…and a little beyond. We want them to experience the thrill, the satisfaction and the uplift that comes from facing some of their fears and overcoming them.

With our varied skills and expertise, and over 40 years combined experience of working with children and teenagers in therapeutic and outdoor education/adventure settings, we have created Headspace Adventures to give teenagers a chance to stop and think about their lives, their goals, their ambitions and their strengths.

Alongside the adventure, David will guide the young people in a strengths-based programme of development, over the course of the week, which will give them confidence and insight into what they can achieve in any aspect of their lives. David will have individual and group sessions, with all participants, focused on their personal development and dealing with stresses, anxieties and low self-esteem.

More than offering just adventure, excitement and fun, we want teenagers to go away from their week with us, with real insight into the person that they are, and the possibilities for their future.

Teenagers river scrambling
Teenagers river scrambling

Let the sky be your limit

Think Better, Feel Better, Act Better

Meet the Team

Sinéad Pollock Orr

Sinéad Pollock Orr

Adventure Leader & Co-Founder

Sinéad Pollock Orr, one of the founders of Headspace Adventures, is an Outdoor Practitioner and Adventurer. She has 18 years experience of working with children, teenagers and adults through Outdoor Education and Adventure Sports, she has also worked alongside David Coleman on two TV series for RTE. Sinéad has been involved in creating and developing Outdoor programmes, such as ‘Compass’ by Coillte, where she worked alongside Godsil Education in writing and developing a strengths-based outdoor initiative. Working in an outdoor environment as an instructor and mentor, Sinéad’s natural empathy and positivity towards young people allows them to feel valued and to thrive. During the programme, Sinéad will lead the activities such as rock-climbing, abseiling, hill walks, coastal scrambles and camping skills for our expedition.

Dr David Coleman

Dr David Coleman

Clinical Psychologist & Co-Founder

David Coleman, one of the founders of Headspace Adventures, is a Clinical Psychologist and Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of Psychology, UCD. He specialises in working with children, teenagers and their families. David is one of Ireland’s best-known psychologists on foot of his TV programmes and regular radio slots on RTE. He also writes weekly for the Irish Independent newspaper. With over 20 years experience of working with teenagers, and having three teenage children of his own, he has seen and heard, at first hand, the stresses, joys and turbulence that characterise adolescence. David’s work with teenagers, in an adventure therapy setting, became an acclaimed and highly popular television series. Back working with Sinéad for the first time since that TV series, he’ll be taking part in the full week’s programme, looking after emotional and psychological wellbeing of the group and giving the participants real insight into their strengths and capabilities.

Some of the activities you can expect to be challenged with during your week with us…



Navigating the rocks, finding the best jumps…you’re gonna get wet!


Rock Climbing

How high can you go? Will you want to look down?



With some of the highest peaks in Ireland on our doorstep, we’ll be going up…



With a final overnight expedition to achieve, we’ll be wild camping…


Sea Kayaking offers some unique and spectacular views. Are you up for it?


When you’re at the top you have to get down…and abseiling is the most fun way!

Wherever you're going...we'll get you there

Think Better, Feel Better, Act Better

I definitely think the caring and nurturing environment that yourself and Sinead created as well as the similar natured kids really helped make it very comfortable for Eric. I have seen a real change in him since he’s come home. He seems to be much happier in himself and has been a lot more open with me about things that cause him stress as well as teachers that stress him out in school. He has never ever opened up to me like he has in the last few weeks. It’s amazing. I’m just trying my best to keep the communication channels open and going! I think Eric really learnt from you, Sinead and all the others that he’s not the only person with these difficulties/anxieties/worries and it’s been a real boost and revelation to him.

Emer (received August 2018)

D has been in fantastic form since he returned from his week in Headspace Adventures. I think you summed it up when you said he had found the courage to be true to himself during the week and that confidence boost has been the catalyst for him. He is a far happier, content, lad who seems in better form and stronger mentally than before. The impact on him from this experience has completely surpassed all our expectations, especially his!

Anne Marie (received September 2019)

Today, one year on, I am a far cry from how I was before, and that is all due to the Headspace camp. Before the camp, I had terrible OCD, it was so bad that it was affecting my everyday life, I woke up worrying, went to sleep worrying, rinse and repeat. My mother introduced me to the Headspace camp, and I was willing to do it, but I didn’t think it was going to help, nothing would help me. I kept this mindset, even after the first day of the camp, however things started to change. I was taught to challenge myself, to face my fears, and not to cower from them. This really changed my worldview, and was the catalyst in solving the problem. However, this was not the main reason things are so different now. There was someone else at the camp, just like me, and I would never have known if I were not told. We were able to talk and get to know each other, during and after the camp, and I got to realise, I’m not the only one, there are people like me, amazing, talented and passionate people. They didn’t let OCD change who they are, and I shouldn’t either, this was the real game changer. With this, I was able to work with my OCD, and not hide from it, and in doing so, I diminished it. I don’t know if said person knows how much they helped me, but I want to thank them, and I want to thank the Headspace camp for introducing me to all this, I don’t know where I would be now if it were not for this camp.

Oisin (received July 2019)

The headspace adventures gets a 10 out of 10 and gives me food for thought and a lot of pointers on how to make life more enjoyable for Mary.  Every penny was money well spent, it was worth it. We can all see the benefits and wisdom she gained from it. Thanks.

Rachel (received August 2018)



If you’d like more information about the Headspace Adventures camps, or if you’d like to enquire about availability for your son or daughter please click the button below to email David.

Strengths Based Approach to Adventure Therapy

Here at Headspace Adventures we have partnered with Godsil Education to deliver a strengths based approach to Adventure Therapy. Grounded in positive psychology, the strengths based approach aims to transform our participants into confident, efficacious youngsters who gain more when building on talents than improving on weaknesses. David and Sinead will actively identify participants’ strengths as evidenced each day during activities, group sessions and one-to-one interactions. These observations will collate over the week and each youngster coming on the programme will leave with an individual Strengths Based Report to guide them in continuing to grow and resource their strengths in other areas of their lives.

About Godsil Education

Led by a strengths-based philosophy, Godsil Education advises students and parents on educational matters. They assess students’ strengths and develop personalised learning programmes; they provide coaching to students wanting to gain entry to Irish, US, UK and international universities.




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