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Headspace Adventures is an adventure therapy programme for teenagers. Co-founded by Sinéad Pollock-Orr (Adventure Leader) and Dr David Coleman (Clinical Psychologist), it is designed to support teenagers who may be experiencing anxiety or low-self-esteem (and poor self-confidence). Headspace Adventures can help teenagers to think better, feel better and act better in all areas of their lives.

Over the course of a week, where they’ll live in the wilds of the Atlantic coast of Ireland, and experience real adventure, like coasteering, abseiling, kayaking and an overnight expedition, David and Sinéad intend to challenge them to reach to their limits…and a little beyond. We want them to experience the thrill, the satisfaction and the uplift that comes from facing some of their fears and overcoming them.

With our varied skills and expertise, and over 40 years combined experience of working with children and teenagers in therapeutic and outdoor education/adventure settings, we have created Headspace Adventures to give teenagers a chance to stop and think about their lives, their goals, their ambitions and their strengths.

Alongside the adventure, David will work therapeutically with the participants, over the course of the week, which can give them confidence and insight into what they can achieve in any aspect of their lives. David will have individual and group sessions, with all participants, focused on their personal development and dealing with stresses, anxieties and low self-esteem.

More than offering just adventure, excitement and fun, we want teenagers to go away from their week with us, with real insight into the person that they are, and the possibilities for their future.

Teenagers river scrambling
Teenagers river scrambling

Let the sky be your limit

Think Better, Feel Better, Act Better

Meet the Team

Sinéad Pollock Orr

Sinéad Pollock Orr

Adventure Leader & Co-Founder

Sinéad Pollock Orr, one of the founders of Headspace Adventures, is an Outdoor Practitioner and Adventurer. She has 18 years experience of working with children, teenagers and adults through Outdoor Education and Adventure Sports, she has also worked alongside David Coleman on two TV series for RTE. Sinéad has been involved in creating and developing Outdoor programmes, such as ‘Compass’ by Coillte, where she worked alongside Godsil Education in writing and developing a strengths-based outdoor initiative. Working in an outdoor environment as an instructor and mentor, Sinéad’s natural empathy and positivity towards young people allows them to feel valued and to thrive. During the programme, Sinéad will lead the activities such as rock-climbing, abseiling, hill walks, coastal scrambles and camping skills for our expedition.

Dr David Coleman

Dr David Coleman

Clinical Psychologist & Co-Founder

David Coleman, one of the founders of Headspace Adventures, is a Clinical Psychologist and Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of Psychology, UCD. He specialises in working with children, teenagers and their families. David is one of Ireland’s best-known psychologists on foot of his TV programmes and regular radio slots on RTE. He also writes weekly for the Irish Independent newspaper. With over 20 years experience of working with teenagers, and having three teenage children of his own, he has seen and heard, at first hand, the stresses, joys and turbulence that characterise adolescence. David’s work with teenagers, in an adventure therapy setting, became an acclaimed and highly popular television series. Back working with Sinéad for the first time since that TV series, he’ll be taking part in the full week’s programme, looking after emotional and psychological wellbeing of the group and giving the participants real insight into their strengths and capabilities.

Some of the activities you can expect to be challenged with during your week with us…



Navigating the rocks, finding the best jumps…you’re gonna get wet!


Rock Climbing

How high can you go? Will you want to look down?



With some of the highest peaks in Ireland on our doorstep, we’ll be going up…



With a final overnight expedition to achieve, we’ll be wild camping…


Boady-boarding lets you feel the power and the thrill of the waves… Are you up for it?


When you’re at the top you have to get down…and abseiling is the most fun way!

Wherever you're going...we'll get you there

Think Better, Feel Better, Act Better

Emily has talked a lot about her time in Headspace. She had a very positive experience during her week and learned a lot about herself and has a bit more faith in herself now. Thanks to you and Sinead for looking after Emily so well, she did find it tough to be away from home without family, but many of the fears she had never materialised and this was also a big learning for her. I think what we wanted her to get from the camp became irrelevant, she went and got everything she could out of it for herself, and there can be no better outcome for all of us than that.
Andrew, Dad, 2023 camps

Firstly, thank you, we took on board all that you wrote – especially me. I have changed my approach and it has worked! Hannah had an absolutely brilliant time at your camp. She loved every single minute she spent with yourself and Sinead. She speaks about it all the time. Hannah came home a different person, something clicked with her. She decided to be more in control and proactive. We were shocked, but thrilled for her! It was a fantastic opportunity for her and she does realise this. It is absolutely not lost on her or us. We deeply appreciate the time, care support and kindness you showed Hannah. 

Joanna, Mum, 2023 camps

Ava is so happy and has grown so much in confidence from your wonderful camp. She had amazing fun and enjoyed the activities so much. She gave it a 12 out of 10. She summed her week up in one word “fantastic”. We are so happy with your feedback, we went through it step by step with Ava, and discussed all her positive attributes with her again. We agree with everything you have written. The fact that she has confidence in her own abilities, has a good positive image about herself and feels positive, is all any parent can ask for, thank you very much. I will definitely be recommending this camp to family and friends. Thanks again David, and to Sinead also, for all the hard work you put into this week.
Louise, Mum, 2021 camps

What have you done to my boy?? He came home and is washing up, making his bed and making me tea…all without being prompted. Miracles do happen! His whole demeanour seems to have changed – more grown up and confident in himself. The progress he has made since the camp has been tremendous. Your feedback report was fantastic. It was great to hear how Ben interacted with others, and how he managed in a strange environment. Words will never express how grateful I am to you both for all you’ve done for Ben and the amazing time you gave him.
Aisling, Mum, 2022 camps

Thanks again to you and David for giving Jake such a fabulous experience; the whole way home he kept thanking us for sending him and saying how brilliant the week was! He hardly went on his phone at all for the first 2 hours – he just wanted to tell us all about it! And his smile nearly split his face when he told us that David had told him he was a great example to the others! His pride in himself and sense of self has blossomed and for that myself and his dad will be eternally grateful.
Carmel, Mum, 2022 camps

The few months since the Headspace Adventures camp has allowed us to see how Eoin has grown. The week away did him the world of good. He has become very focused in terms of his school work and what he wants out of life. He has found the confidence to break into a different friend group, and most importantly he is very happy. He is a very different Eoin to this time last year. He is back to his funny, bubbly, self and we are very, very proud of the young man he is becoming. Headspace was the turning point for him.
Nicola, Mum, 2022 camps



If you’d like more information about the Headspace Adventures camps, or if you’d like to enquire about availability for your son or daughter please click the button below to email David.




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